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I still remember the first time they spoke to us in high school about sexuality. The teacher responded to each and every one of the doubts in the best possible way, but for us men, he only said: Remember, boys, masturbation in excess has negative effects: the dilation of the body, anxiety and of course, they could end up infertile.

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Some healers perform Ho'oponopono as a system to transfer Prana, or life energy. A massage therapist can transfer Prana, and even self-healing is possible through mental concentration on certain organs. For example, reciting the phrases while visualizing an internal organ that we imagine bathed in light.

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Pass it to me for a moment, please pass the phone to Bruno, not understanding anything

Rebeca told me about the difficult moments that she and her husband were going through, she felt that there had been no connection between the two for a long time. They did not appear to be on exactly the same page in many respects, including the discipline of their children. People are a time bomb with emotions on the verge of bursting. When we manage to encourage the most decisive ones, we manage to achieve n purposes perfectly. For this reason, once the waters have calmed down, a period of mutual isolation has been fulfilled and you contact your ex again, show neutrality, never disdain indifference. From that day on, they try to preserve a good friendship, period. Behave as you would with another friend for whom you feel esteem but putting the conviction that you are no longer a couple. This does not mean that you should act cold or complacent. Just the opposite, focus on having lively and entertaining conversations. Of course, avoid chatting about flirtations or romances, and you don't bother if your ex does comment on it.

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Likewise, we have said these comments instinctively and without the slightest intention of damaging our partner's self-esteem, but, as is already known, not all people have the same degree of sensitivity to assimilate according to what type of comments or jokes in order to that affect us in a certain way in one way or another. And, although perhaps our partner also thinks so, both of us must stop for a moment and stop to think a little before making according to what kind of comments our loved one faces, since if we cannot make it again and again in the same failure, doing a lot of damage to the structure of the couple and the health of the relationship, without knowing well what we are doing / saying, causing a very serious deterioration in our relationship and in our partner's self-esteem.

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In privacy I am very passionate, sensual and morbid

Each of these laws is very useful separately, but if you work with them together, their power multiplies. If you apply these two laws in your life and in your work each and every day, you will experience such productivity that it will leave you perplexed, and, most interestingly, not only will your productivity skyrocket but you will free up an enormous amount of time. . Remember, productivity is not working more but obtaining more and better results by spending less time to achieve them.

The missionary's posture does not present that risk, that is why it must be defended as a bastion of pleasure in the face of all that paraphernalia of drawings and also photographic images with which, sometimes, kamasĂștrica-inspired manuals try to convince us to engage in acrobatics several and in almost contortionist postures to achieve something that, after all, can be achieved without having to spend the last months of our lives going through the gym every day to work on the resistance, strength and flexibility of our body.

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The ananga ranga and the scented garden

This command tells the slave to follow the dominant while she moves. Again, the slave is expected to either crawl or walk, although in most circumstances, walking is more efficient. When asked to attend, the slave must be willing to help the dominants in other ways: carrying bundles, keeping bags or drinks, collecting ashtrays or footrests, and a host of other small tasks.

Until this new condom reaches the Spanish market, however, we are going to have to settle for the use of the wide variety of condoms that we can find in it and of which we have a good sample in the SexshopDreams condom catalog.

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From the 7 planes or powers of the MahaBrahmanda evolve the multiple BrihatBrahmandas, each of which is also divided into 7 planes. Every planet, every satellite, every world, and every living entity, has within it the 7 planes or centers of power with their respective ruling deities.