Always and at all times show respect for the person you love; Make him feel that you respect him for the way he is, the way he thinks, and the way he acts. Which is not to say that you have to be satisfied at all times with everything he does, affirms, or thinks. Nothing of that! What I want to make you understand is that it is essential that, even when you strongly disagree with what he does, says or thinks, you show him trust and respect. You do not want a robot to program to your liking, you want a partner to love each of them of the days that you share.

Remember: what is the use of winning the fight if you lose your partner, your home and your happiness?

It is interesting to discover that in a long-term survey carried out by Dr. Jan Halper, (An expert recognized for his experience in leadership and organizational change, author of several writings and Personal Guide), of 4 thousand one hundred men who abandoned their marriages for a lover, less than three percent got to marry that woman. This number is remarkably small. Contrary to what people initially think, while searching for someone outside of marriage, it is extremely rare for a partner from an affair to become a partner for life. It is mainly an illusion or fantasy. You will understand better as you continue reading. I'm sorry but there are no free statistics about women abandoning their partners for their lovers. My opinion is that the two genders could have almost exactly the same numbers, since today most of the statistics between both genders are too close.

However, in a study done in Switzerland and published in 2012 by the Journal of Adolescent Health, the result shows that 30 percent of men between 18 and 25 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction. In fact, other studies have calculated that the percentage of men who report sexual inconveniences is higher among young people than among those over 45 …

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If I have sex with a whore, am I technically losing my virginity?

I look forward to it, Herb, but I want to make it clear that this is not going to be a one-night stand. I understand that it rejects me immediately, but if I can hook it, if I start it knowing everything you have told me about it. I want to push your limits, Herb. I really want her to be my whore.

By holding your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger together while gently stroking your clitoris, you will be able to cover many nerve endings at once. Linda Sussman calls this the three-fingered caress; I had a lover who could make me come really fast using this technique, but I just called it that clit thing you do with your fingers.

If you want to break the routine in your sexual life as a couple, try stimulating the prostate gland, while you perform oral sex. You have to know that men can try this kind of massage throughout masturbation, and women can use this sexual technique in fellatio, to offer their partner a deeper, stronger and more intense orgasm.

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Herbalists advise that if you want to use basil particularly as a stimulant, you need between .5 and 1.5 g of the dry powdered herb. Then, place the powder under the tongue for 15 to twenty minutes already before swallowing it with a little water and honey. This recipe is thought to work particularly well with both store-free sweet basil and wild basil, which is also known as self-healing. Selfheal can also be used by crushing the plant and adding 30 to 50 g of water to a liter of mineral water. Drinking 2 or 3 cups of this a day is believed to stimulate sexual function.