Overcoming the remnants of guilt and fear that a repressive education has been able to embed in male sexualities, we still have a new step to take in the recovery of a pleasurable and satisfying sexuality for men. It is about a more profound shift in sexual attitudes that includes a rediscovery of autoeroticism as an opportunity to better know and recognize ourselves as sexed men. It is an invitation to men to explore, in their privacy, the possibilities and potentialities of anatomical discovery and sexual pleasure that the experience of conscious masturbation, free of guilt and fear, can give us.

Men who sincerely go out of their way to give their partner the sex of their life show that they want the best for their partner and are not carried away by the selfishness promoted in the media.

Many sexologists have concluded in their studies that if in a sexual relationship, you achieve the first orgasm with the help of a vibrator, then it will be easier for you to have a second and third orgasm with your partner. They affirm in women, the first climax is the one that triggers all the others. If you don't have enough time, or you don't want to waste it, you can use a vibrator to masturbate or it can be your kid who uses it with you until you reach ecstasy. After climax, tell your partner to change the intensity of the vibrator to something gentler and to massage the outer lips of your vagina. Another advantage of these erotic toys is that almost always and in all circumstances you climax. If you are one of those who can have several climaxes in unison, do not hesitate, the vibrator is your ideal option so you do not have to wait for your partner to recover for the next attack, you can stimulate the clitoris to feel how you reach the climax.

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Embracing our true girl power

They like to feel appreciated and, above all, admired. If you are able to see beyond her physical appearance, you will win doubly because, by showing her that you are deeper than others, she will feel valued for who she is and, in addition to this, you will be distinguishing yourself from other men who have tried to conquer her. just for its beauty. And in this way you will have earned their attention.

There are therapists who behave like friends and abandon the impartial place that allows them to meditate and understand about the patient what the patient is not capable of knowing about himself. When the therapist does not take sides, it is not that he closes himself in a distant and cold situation, but he is in charge of that person in front of him who has come looking for answers. Only with her, for her, will she be able to do her job, which consists of discovering what story she is repeating that forces her to remain suffering in a given situation. What does it repeat? What would be that first unique love story, surely inimitable next to mom and dad who left her marked in that way?

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An unusual company for any situation

But there is also a lot of love. I believe in him. I believe in each and every one of them in their gestures, looks, tears, disappointments, hugs, words. I believe in kisses. At the first contact with the skin. And in the tenth. And in the thousandth.

On the other hand, the other judge, the demon, is considerably more understanding and condescending with her and lifts the restraining order and says: Call him again, total, what else is another call, another meeting, if you feel like it, don't deprive yourself What he did to you was not that bad either … surely he hurt you without realizing it, don't be selfish, think about him, maybe something's wrong with him.

Sparkling Curve (moving in a few pages) is another beauty. Again, pink jelly gum, and from this angle, it looks like a thick foreskin is held tucked just below where the glans has peeked out. Even the frenulum connection looks real. So many dildos are circumcised. Granted, circumcised cocks are a standard fare for those of us of a certain age. And from a non-owner's perspective, it makes no difference to me, erect penises look pretty much exactly the same when, well, they really want to go. But it's nice to see some variety on the toy planet. The spice of life, something for everyone, and all that.

Those who try them repeat

Millennials are often called digital natives. This is to highlight the fact that members of this generation were born and raised on a planet where technology was already a prominent part of daily life, either in the form of video games, or in the form of laptops, or in the form of any of the electronic devices that, today, accompany us every day.

This is being able to express how you feel, openly and frankly, with your partner, without fear that your frankness will be misinterpreted. It is having the sincerity to speak your mind, as long as you have thought about it long enough to know that what you say will be taken in a good and uplifting way.

Both men and women who endure living with a sick person, tend to justify their partner's attitudes, lying to the point of saying that they improve, or that at least they have someone to keep them company, or that they do it for their children. don't be left without one of your two leaders; then they fall into a sad codependency that plunges them into a shameful life of hell, from which they can never escape, giving their loved ones suffering, insecurity and pain.

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Someone could fold their arms for disagreement or because they are simply cold, or make any other type of movement because they have mechanized it and removed it from its real meaning.

Avoid anything that depresses you. Don't listen to the music of the sore, at least for a while. Avoid bad news or those newspapers or gazettes that you must load carefully due to the fact that even the blood is fresh. It is one thing to be informed and another to be flooded. Avoid those who make you negative or make their meetings to speak ill of the neighbor, work, partner, mother-in-law, etc. Ask yourself, what does all this do for you?

The tolerance in a substance addiction that indicates the adaptation of the organism to the stimulus. The longer you expose yourself to the stimulus, the less effect it generates. This means that to get the initial effects you need much greater stimuli, more alcohol, drugs, etc.

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