Apart from the physical function of digestion, the small intestine is related to the psychological functions of discernment and consciousness. The triple reheater coordinates and balances the metabolism, acting on the three burners (upper, middle and lower torso, which are related respectively to circulation and respiration, digestion and suppression) and harmonizes their different fields of activity. Fire is the only element that has 4 functions; Metal has two: the lung and the large intestine. The lung receives ki energy from the air and is therefore related to the general level of ki in the body and to lung and throat problems. The large intestine meridian is not just about the intestines themselves; its field includes suppression generally, also through the skin and the lungs, so that both acne and asthma can be due to problems of the large intestine. As the meridian reaches the nose, it can help relieve nasal or frontal sinus congestion.

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Fortunately, the emergence of therapy based on Ho'oponopono radically changes this term from meeting our needs to meeting the needs of the couple, a new universe that we will have created voluntarily. Since absolutely no one has the obligation to live as a couple, if we do so, the I has to be changed by YOU and, consequently, by US.

He did not know that in his affection all the images were still with Juliana, both good and bad. Like the sediment at the bottom of a crystalline water tank, no matter how little it is stirred, the water becomes cloudy and, if there is little, everything becomes contaminated. Wearing or not wearing a mask is completely irrelevant since the mere fact that there is the possibility that the costumes go unnoticed dissolves the distance between the true and the false. In fact, anonymity leaves that sometimes the best disguise is our true personality. In a chat we can never know if whoever is behind the screen is who he claims to be, we only know what he teaches us to be, which is not necessarily the same.

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Most of the men who fail with women always and in all circumstances have an excuse, but most of the time that excuse is simply in their heads. You see, the primary reason many men fail is because of the way they think it impacts their behavior. On more than one occasion we have said that we must open our psyche to all erotic possibilities. That sexuality is more than the simple and primary act of penetration. That there is always and in all circumstances to seek new paths that lead to new pleasures. That innovation is always and in all circumstances the best way to keep sexual life alive and fresh. In the article we want to become champions of our own words and propose a practice to incorporate into the repertoire of sexual practices to practice with your partners. The practice that we want to propose to you is the footjob or masturbation with the feet.

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THE HEAD It is not frequent to ask a professional to give us massages or manipulate our heads and that is the seat of intelligence, sight and smell, apart from having such vital areas as the nose, mouth and ears . It is not strange since when you want to kill someone quickly, you look for the head as the primary target. Crossed by a multitude of meridians and consequently highly sensitive to anatomical imbalances, wrinkles prey on it prematurely, at least if we compare it with the rest of the body. The sun, rain, wind and emotions are other elements that contribute to tormenting her mercilessly every day.

Isis is one of the main blogs of the religion of Ancient Egypt. Wife of Osiris, the blog of the dead and mother of Horus, the blog of heaven. It is a protective blog of humanity, and a forerunner of light. Martín, that my friend is going to have that name here, he had none of this in mind when he sent his girlfriend an email announcing that he was going to get married in the following months. Nothing affirmed in his message about who was the chosen one. he reacted with apparent calm at first. She continued her unfortunate game of misunderstandings until the moment when, furious, she wrote him without leaving any room for error that this was the end of the relationship.

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The couple has become one flesh, indicating that their level of commitment is deep. Spouses will not have a deeper relationship with absolutely anyone else, not even with their children, and this level of commitment extends to 3 specific areas: 1. the spiritual, 2. the emotional, 3. the physical. Some women use to say with my children I am already complete. False! The precise complement for the woman is the husband, since he can fill the needs that no one else can fill. And in this we must remember that one day the children are going to leave. If we maintain relationships in their proper order with family members, when the children leave we will not have to fight with the sadness of the emptiness that their departure leaves, since our spouse, who is the most essential thing for us, will be there, to continue life with us.

Pelvic inflammatory disease: potentially serious disease that affects women. As a general rule, it is the result of untreated sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea or fungi.

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As there are particular behaviors of men that literally repel women, there are dominant traits that strongly attract women. First of all, the very fact that you are reading this program tells me certain things. It is attractive to women.

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