And when I was already convinced that this would not be possible in my life, my niece came running up to me with a smile from ear to ear, she gave me a hug and kissed me, Auntie, you are the best in the world. That's when I understood everything: the very damned have an excellent marketing strategy.

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Thai balls are undoubtedly a sex toy designed to be enjoyed by both men and women. When applying the thai chapelet technique, however, it is the woman who will insert the thai balls into the man's anus to leave them there while intercourse lasts. Throughout that time, and using the ring that Thai balls have at one end (the one that is outside the anus when the rosary is inserted into it), the woman will move them in the man's rectum, which is going to be very stimulating for him.

I immediately took my car and went for her. When I arrived, he was waiting for me outside the restaurant with the guard with all the lights off. She had changed her clothes and now she looked much better. She got into the car, I greeted her as if I knew her forever. On the way to the disco, I just asked him about his life and work. When we arrived my friends greeted her just as if they were waiting for her. We immediately started dancing, I must say that she danced very well, too well to be honest. I asked him if he was a professional to which he replied I am a cheerleader. Interesting. I replied.

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The horrible divorce process began, and there I really knew him at the moment when I had to face an evil and heartless enemy, who at every step tried to sink me even more, to destroy me, to eradicate me. He closed all the doors that he could. When I wanted to use my credit cards, I found out that in a matter of a month they had reached their limit, without having spent that money and the debt was huge. Logically, we both had access to my cards, but to their credit cards, I never had access, nor to their bank accounts. My credit was in tatters.

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Is it the expression of a passion? Is it an expression of romantic affection? Does it manifest itself as an act of surrender? Is it given as a reciprocal action? Is it expressed as a desire linked to sexuality? Is it presented as a relationship of friendship and companionship? Is it expressed as an act of the will? Is it a faculty or competition that develops? Even in the context limited to the couple's relationship, love has multiple dimensions, since there is not a single manifestation of marital love.

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If you are a lover of erotic objects (and you must be if you read these lines) you have some unavoidable appointments if you visit any of the cities mentioned. Probably in these erotic museums you will be able to meet and contemplate sex toys of all times and acquire new knowledge about that passion that unites you and us and that is eroticism in its forms. However, in order to acquire this new knowledge that is acquired in erotic museums, one essential requirement must be met: one must travel to them. Sometimes several subway stops will be enough to be able to contemplate that compilation of dildos or vibrators that interests us so much. In others, it will be necessary to take an airplane to be able to contemplate that series of erotic engravings that, for some unknown reason, stimulates us so much. Luckily for everyone, if what we want is, at any given time, to acquire some kind of sex toy for our use and personal enjoyment, we should not make any kind of displacement. It is enough for us to look at the catalog of erotic toys of a trusted online sexshop to, in this way, know and buy the best erotic toys for adults.

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With regard to whether we should trust women, trust has to be relative, not absolute; In other words, we must have a certain degree of confidence in her, but with her reservations and suspicion. The fact of mistrusting her to a certain degree is not because she is a woman, but rather because she is an imperfect human, and like us men, she also fails; To err is of humans. No matter how meek you may see it, you must not rest on your laurels; a bucket of cold water could wake you up. Women also have their right to distrust us, we are human, and the weakness is in both genders. So trust has its limits.

As long as you have cultivated self-love, since you begin to fill yourself with small satisfactions every time you complete something that you always and at all times put off, or that you have discovered a passion for something that you never thought you would love to do, it only remains to share those joys with those who deserve it.

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Hypermnesia is the ability to remember the most remote events that have occurred throughout your life. People with this syndrome are capable of remembering to the smallest detail of any moment they have lived. By giving you a date, they can describe what they were wearing, what they did, and even what the weather was like on that particular day.

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