Throughout falling in love there are 3 big mistakes, the first is to show only that ideal of us, I am not saying that this is bad or incorrect, since we cannot pretend something that we are not, if we show that affectionate and dedicated, it is by the fact that we are truly capable of offering it, however the mistake is in not also showing our defects and troubles, letting the other person know what we do not like as our preferences even if we run the risk that they differ from us.

Now you have each and every one of the weapons in your hands to be a huge lover, so … let's get to work!

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Stay away from noisy s

The site for the first test was at a dance. All the men were told to ask a woman to dance. The women (who participated in the study) were led to respond by saying: I'm really not a great dancer. I had a statue of myself made, in which I was represented full of great and good qualities. Day by day, for years, I would stand in front of her, making an effort to imitate her gesture. One morning, when I saw myself in the mirror, I discovered that I was a loyal copy of that model.

As idyllic as that image is, it is unrealistic

THE OTHER: … And that is what I cannot understand, (Examines the cell phone) The power of denial in which this woman lives can never be underestimated … perfect house, assembly at the institute, manicures on Wednesdays and you do not want to see beyond your rhinoplasty. It is that it cannot be more pathetic. She spends the whole day leaning back, waiting for PA to solve her problems, and plotting, because since she does not have a life of her own, it is pure plotting, that's why PA is fed up with her, that he told me, he left it recorded for me. I do not, I do not machine. Where is PA going that doesn't answer me? I don't, and I don't spend my days making movies in my head. (To cell.) It's 11 o'clock, the bombing must have exploded, so it's a matter of minutes before I call … What happens is that they are very good people and they have it manipulated with the boys, not me, me I don't manipulate him, I'm useless, and I know he won't say it to his face, although that's what he wants, to be honest, more clearly, she sure prepares the whiskey for him and makes him look like a lamb and PA gives him thing and he does not finish moving forward, but it is not him, due to the fact that if there is something I am sure of, it is that he is determined to leave her and marry me … I cannot understand how she loses her dignity. that way (to the cell.) No, he calls, from one moment to the next, the poor man must be in full pitched battle with this one … PA gives his life for me, he affirmed it, he left it recorded for me, and one knows , one feels it here. That is why I called her and put the message, due to the fact that I am not like. Reality must be assumed. And the reality is that this aunt is bad, I know, what happens is that the evil of a woman is only recognized by another woman, and PA is very good people. So no way, I continue with my plan, because one is determined, one works, one knows what they want and I have it clear, from the moment I was in this way, I have a goal representing dignity: I do not think reaching 40 single. I accept it, because I am not in denial as. I know that he loves me. Before March I get married so I have to show up at his house and show him the photos of PA and me on the nudist beach in St. Maarten. Well, she doesn't understand it, she in her world believes that everything revolves around her and her anxiety, I don't, I'm not like, I put PA as a priority, and you have to give passion to the man in your life , adventure, excitement, and rather to remove worries from her, because that is what she is, a constant headache. Not me, okay, if it's pain and I'm his liniment, I calm him down, I take care of him, I pamper him, because for me the center of the universe is him, as it should be, and PA knows it, that's why he wants to marry me . He recorded it for me. And I tell him that I do not want a scandal, that I am a dignified woman, that I can wait, that yes, that of course must separate more than calm, and sometimes I act insulted, the normal thing, what must be done to the men to do what you want. And laid back PA takes it easy. yes, plus me number What's up. For a single woman at the gates of forty there is NO calm possible. I always and in all circumstances relaxed with PA, but as soon as she leaves that door I take action on the matter … by the way, to the photographs that I will send to this one I am going to attach the letters from PA, the ones she sent me to beginning, the romantic ones, where have I put them? Because I do not live in denial. I have dignity, not like her. I do not manipulate it, I am not going to resort to something so low, I do not need it. I don't walk around with anguish and fears, what is it, at forty I did not arrive single. (To cell) Oops, PA, I'll give you 10 minutes to call! PA is the man of my life. I know it is decided. What needs a push? Yes, like everyone else, but that is given to him, because he is never passive, I AM NOT like, I am worthy, I already before March that I turn 40 I divorce him, I get married, I leave this shitty job and I become his housewife and mrs. (To cell) Do me a favor and call son of the great …

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This must be directly related to the confidence we have to communicate. We all have desires for sexual exploration that tend to change according to the stages we go through. To feel absolutely free, if we trust our partner, we must even be able to share our most intimate desires, not because the partner should please us in everything, but rather because being able to talk about that will allow us to feel freedom. to enjoy and satisfy our craving for sexual exploration; To be in bed with someone you need trust, and what better way to obtain it than to be able to express our wishes and fantasies without qualms.

To order the infinite framework of symbolic signifiers that are desires and to which we have already referred, we use a certain structure that is supported by our capacity for representation, to represent ourselves. It is a narrative structure. When we want, we edit the movie. We order an imaginative sequence of blogs that make up the story of our desire. The thinker of desire Gilíes Deleuze came up with a term that explains this very well. he talked about structures of experiences to explain why certain elements (people, windows, smells…) are capable of evoking a whole fictitious experience, a desire, around them. To illustrate his contribution, he used a negative case: Why do mannequins scare us? The answer was because mannequins have no structure of experience, because they do not refer us to anywhere, because they refer us to nothing, to the death.

Tell me tomorrow …

Vatsyayana distinguishes in the Kama Sutra between different genders of prostitutes. Undoubtedly, the whore who entertains a single lover is not the same as the one who has many clients. This must establish a cost per night, assessing when establishing that price not only the place, time and services provided, but also its qualities.

Break your contact slowly and sensibly

The different scientific schools are clear in pointing out that, from the sixth decade on, life takes on another nuance. The perception of reality changes radically, and sooner or later situations are dealt with that involve the individual in multiple existentialist questions, not always and at all times easy to overcome.

How hard it is sometimes to say no, right? Your partner can suffer a lot with your refusal or an opposite opinion! Well no, it is not like that. And even if it were this way, you should be frank with her and not give her ears what she expects to hear so that she loves you in this way. Do not be their Savior so that they want and need you (or rather, need and want you, in this order). What will become of you when I no longer need you? What emptiness will you feel in your life when you no longer have absolutely anyone to save? Does anyone know what became of Batman when peace and order was restored to Gotham City? A no on time, one I prefer not to be well expressed, without representing a criticism or blackmail to the other, can elude the couple from strange situations and feelings of debt between them, in addition to endowing the relationship with maturity and autonomy.

The eye area, meanwhile, should be massaged in the facial massage to try to avoid the appearance of bags under the eyes and dark circles. To do this, nothing better than applying light pressure to the lower eyelids from the inside out and with the ring fingers. Also, to relax the area, you can tap with the tips of your fingers around the eyes and also in the area of the temples.