Dingdong. José Luis shows up at the door. He throws a look at the table and makes the face of a child who has just been punished. It says nothing. Neither do I, while I am agitatedly rethinking the seduction plan, it goes to hell. Some social gossip about our jobs comes into the picture to calm things down. Then innocently I send him to the toilet.

Arm in arm as we have done so many times

Well, if no one wants to answer, I will. The gender of woman who leaves this is a cum-eating, urine-drinking, rubber-cock whore. Terry highlighted the last word and addressed her next sentence to Laura's husband, Now tell me what your wife is.

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Women may be attracted to tall men with a beard, a broad back and a deep voice. For what reason? For the simple reason that the subconscious interprets you as a fertile man who can give you strong and healthy children. In addition to this, he can be a protector and provider. These are not personal tastes or fads, these are outdated biological conditioning.

These people have to battle day after day against their own instincts, against what their own bodies and hearts ask of them, they are people who live against the current. To the foregoing must be added the large number of sexual references to which they are subjected on a daily basis, like other mortals, but with the added complexity that they do not satisfy their desire. And after these thoughts I ask myself: Won't they be the ones who really need manuals? Won't they be the ones who need readings, norms and guidelines?

Interesting! Well … now what are you doing?

It is essential that they have an agreement on joint rules: cleaning, cooking, shopping, visits, privacy … Do not give any reason that could reproach you, be respectful and congruent with what was agreed. Be open-minded and ask your potential partner to do the same. Discuss your comfort levels with STDs and safer sex, weighing the risks in light of your relationship, values, and what is essential to you in a sexual relationship.

Explore that threesome fantasy in a non-threatening way: get your boyfriend to penetrate you with your favorite insertable vibe while pleasing your clit with his tongue. you will enjoy the view and how much it moves you. Raise the bar by talking about fantasy.

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The day of his psychological assessment arrived. 11:30 in the morning, he appears at the court to be evaluated by the court psychologist, he already knows a bit what he is going to face because he did the tests previously with the psychologist suggested by his lawyer or with that of his against. But nothing assures him that he will be successful. Can you cheat? What will they find? What will they say about you?

And so on with so many different troublesome issues that may come up throughout the relationship.

Doctors, ladies, and those licensed torturers who are dentists know that women are much more macho than males. They resist the news with greater stamina and endure with exemplary stoicism such serious afflictions as the bobonic plague and prolonged marriage. Our strength is simply muscular, at times, and the gyms have been invaded by strange, supremely androgynous beings, in which soft roundness has been replaced by square and massive muscles, completely refractory to caress.

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Boredom, that dandruff of leisure, also had its repercussion. The ladies, like Columbus, discovered the Indies, and the sacrificial institution of the servants, another endangered species, left them a lot of free hours. And since there were no television novels yet, they had to come up with other ways to waste time. Some due to excess work and others due to lack of it, then resolved to invade the lands of man, and that was how they began to educate themselves with a view to intervening in public affairs, just as if politics had something to do with education.

Always encourage your husband to assist you in lifting or lowering his shirt and unhooking his bra.

FACT: Neither of these drugs is appropriate for controlling premature ejaculation. One of the side effects of these drugs is the inhibition of ejaculation. However, other serious side effects must be considered. Here's the reality: Substance abuse causes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm, and other side effects. Antidepressants should not be taken lightly and should only be taken under strict medical supervision.

We should all encourage our children, from very young, to practice nonconformity. The little ones need to prove that they do something that is their own, feel good by saying no when it is their turn, confront little ones who use their social power in a negative way and wear clothes or dress in colors that are not in fashion. The sooner children are released from the expectations and pressure of others and follow their own inner compass, the more comfortable they will feel socially in the future.