Rampant vibrators can add different vibration patterns. There are those who push up and down. There are those that have internal pearls that rotate alternately one way or the other. There are some that light up and there are also rotating ones. This genre of rampant vibrator allows to achieve with greater simplicity the so-called mixed orgasm, that is, that orgasm that is the result of the stimulation in unison of the G-spot and the clitoris. Dare to meet me, we are going to spend indelible moments full of sweetness, passion and eroticism … pleasing all your fantasies. This is something that goes hand in hand with respect and comparisons. Stay by these three things. If something you perhaps do not agree with and would like me to know, communicate it so that you may consider modifying it, because sometimes we are able to make certain adjustments to always be good with our partners. We all need feedback on what we do well and what we could be doing better, and we need it to be presented in a soft enough way that we can hear it. So is the value of introducing a novel point in sexual relationships. This is: getting out of the routine. On many occasions, it is the routine that ends up eating away at sex life. There are those who try to mitigate this problem along the path of promiscuity. We are not going to sin here as moralists when talking about concepts such as fidelity or promiscuity. In this sense, as in so many others, nobody can judge absolutely nobody. What we can say, because it is simply to prove a reality, is that very often resorting to promiscuity to escape the routine that has ended up settling in the life of a couple ends up being paid expensively. Apart from the emotional damage that could be caused, the truth is that divorces are not cheap and pensions for groceries are not. Even before reaching that point, and to avoid the emotional and economic damage that we talked about, perhaps it would be more interesting to innovate in the sexual field next to the lifelong partner and turn sex toys into the ideal mechanism to squeeze A duet the lemon of originality and innovation. In this sense, erotic toys are of great help, since they allow the introduction of a wide range of options in the intimate relationship to vary when it comes to enjoying each other. Erotic toys offer new options when it comes to enjoying sex. Penis sleeves, for example, offer the possibility of deeper penetrations. The harnesses, on the other hand, an exchange of roles that, apart from transgressive and exciting, can be very pleasant for both members of the couple.